Buckwheat Flowers Blooming by Sophy Chen

[Description]:The autumn sky is clean and air is crisp. Looking upward In a bay of overwhelming terraces

[China] Sophy Chen

Buckwheat Flowers Blooming


The autumn sky is clean and air is crisp. Looking upward
In a bay of overwhelming terraces
Butterflies are one after another, buckwheat flowers flourishing
And swarms of bees humming among the flowers

Bees and butterflies make the sea of flowers
Nature gives it the endless fragrance

If you want to take a nap in the afternoon, go to the flowers
Lie on your back, and let your small partners call you a great many times
Yet can not find you, then you just do your immortal sweet dreams

At the moment, if the time were back
I would take my poetry at the bottom of my heart
Start in an early morning of September
Go back to the depths of flowers, with butterflies flying
Bees humming and buckwheat fragrance bathing

My father says it’s been returning farmlands to forests
In the buckwheat flowers blooming season it’s a sea of boundless woodlands
After the soughing of the wind in the pine trees, a stream of rosin hit
Looking upward, on mountain tops it’s mist-shrouded

2013-2-27 Guangzhou, China

Translated by Poetess, Sophy Chen 2015-03-01

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