Sophy Poetry Translation C-E:With a Drop of Water I Encountered by Tang Chengmao 唐成茂

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Sophy  Poetry Translation C-E: Chinese Poems

[Guangdong] Tang Chengmao

With a Drop of Water I Encountered

When your name and status dissolved in the water, they would go back not
Whether it is a drop of water or a lake, which grows the soul of bones
As good as water, through the bones, cutting knife, no edges, it grips not the reins

In the Peach Blossom Village, with a drop of transparent water I encountered
Peach flowers swirling, as raining with pear flowers, let my dreams brilliantly shining
The drops of peach blossom water is leisurely dropping, which can startle the peach blossom dreams
Sprinkling to peach woods, so in the sky there is a trace of rocking
It turns a corner and falls on my resume, and then in life there will be a sound

A story of encounter about a drop of light water and a warm peach blossom
Even if they scattered into the mud, there also has a legend
Softness and pureness will sting firmness, which in bones resist on spearhead and keenness
Even if it hangs under the eaves’ jaw and on cliffs, and even if there is no sad fierce as strong waterfalls
The slowly flowing youth, a peach blossom accompanied by a drop of water, is a touching lyrics

With a peach blossom I encountered, a drop of water, in sunny day or darkness, sings permanency and loyalty
Even if there is no lithe and graceful body appearance and no playing and singing in bones
Even if there is only courage to flush with one’s head broken and bleeding
And there is a moral integrity that does not let life bow to live, which makes me submit myself to the rule of it

This is the rain water of life which tinkling down drops
No matter who met with them is related to the person’s life success
So a lifetime for this person, there will be the tender feelings



苏菲汉译英 [广东]唐成茂诗歌《与一滴水的邂逅相遇》



名字与名分溶入水中 就不会回头
不管是一滴水还是一湖水 都生长着灵魂的骨头
上善若水 穿越骨子 划破刀子 没有棱角 抓不住缰绳

在桃花村 与一滴透明的水邂逅相遇
桃花纷纷扬扬 如雨带梨花 让我的梦想晶莹透亮
这滴桃花水款款滴落 会惊起桃花梦
洒向桃林 天空会有一丝晃动
转一个弯 落在我的履历上 人生就有了动静

零落成泥 也有一段传奇
柔软与纯洁也会刺痛坚强 骨子里的坚定和坚强对峙锋芒和锋利
就是悬在檐颚下 挂在石壁上 就是没有飞流直下的悲烈
一滴水陪伴一枚桃花缓缓流动的青春 也是一首动人的抒情诗

与一枚桃花邂逅相遇 一滴水在晴明或黑暗中 咏唱恒远与忠诚
以及不让生命向生活低头的骨气 也令我臣服

这是人生的雨水 在叮叮咚咚地滴落
不管谁与之相遇 都关乎这个人一辈子的成败







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