Come On, We Need Your Likes, “Sophy Poetry & International Translation Websites” Fully Updated!

[Description]:2018-03-30,Global News, the Chief editor Sophy Chen edited,"Sophy Poetry & International Translation Websites" are designed and produced by poet Dazang. From the beginning of March 2018, the English website and the Chin…
Come On, We Need Your Likes, 
“Sophy Poetry & International Translation Websites” Fully Updated!
by Sophy Chen
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Come On, We Need Your Likes, “Sophy Poetry & International Translation Websites” Fully Updated!

by Sophy Chen
[2018-03-30,Global News, Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website] the Chief editor Sophy Chen edited and released in Guangzhou, China.
To do your best to become an art. “Sophy Poetry & International Translation Websites” are designed and produced by poet Dazang. From the beginning of its initial old Chinese version in October 2014, was established by e-Trust program, to a plain English version and a Chinese-English comparative version were established by the global Word Press program in 2016
and even to Sophy English official website, the Sophy English Forum more complicated website so far till now. To its every time update, Da Zang has done a lot of hard and tedious work. He self-studies network programming language on online or from the source code of the website. His exploration spirit and courage are closely related to the improvement of the official websites of Sophy Chen.
The old version of the Chinese website will not be introduced. Now let’s introduce the latest website update. From the beginning of March 2018, the English website and the Chinese-English website have been systematically and comprehensively optimized. The homepage is more concise and more international (although far from the international poetry portal), and the main theme of the theme update is to enhance reader’s reading experience, availability of referral information, and simplicity of the board.

1. Share Buttons and Tools

1.1 The computer version introduces the foreign Share. This sharing tool bar (with facebook, twitter, pinterest, googleplus, linkedin and other commonly used online community buttons and Sina Weibo, Tencent Weixin domestic sharing button), on the left side of the edge (Note: The article share for domestic visits sometimes not displayed, so hidden for domestic users);
1.2 When the screen of normal computer is less than 1280px width, just replace the ShareThis sharing sidebar with the sharethis single sharing button and place it on the header image (this button can be used by users at home and abroad);
1.3 When the screen width as Tablet, just move the sharethis button to the top left;
1.4 Tablet and mobile version, just move sharethis single share button between logo and main navigation button;
1.5 Install Baidu sharing program on the whole website for text sharing, picture sharing, and word sharing; put Baidu share button on the top of the four follow navigation buttons to share web pages and pictures on mobile phones and computers;
1.6 Article post (single post), put Baidu share button toolbar under article title and after content;
1.7 Add the jiathis sharing tool bar to the sidebar (except for the article page sidebar) by using the theme widget to customize the html code. This allows the computer and tablet to share the homepage, section pages, search page, and single page.

2, navigation section:

2.1 Main Navigation
2.1.1 The overall height of the navigation bar changes with the width of the screen which is coordinated with the zoom height of the main logo.
2.1.2 The English font of the navigation of the English Website is selected to be more nice and personalized;
2.2 Top Right Navigation Bar
2.2.1 English website, adds QQ one-touch contact button and Chinese-English reference C-E link button (and Baidu single share button);
2.1.2 Chinese-English website, adds QQ one-touch contact button, and three buttons of English version, Simplified, Traditional one-button switch (and Baidu single share button); mobile phone narrow screen version hides QQ button;

3, Customer Service System:

3.1 When the screen width is <1366px, >960px, the customer service contact menu button bar on the lower right side of the original computer version is replaced with a small customer contact button bar and is moved to the right of the top picture (picture); 3.2 Tablet PC screen width <960px, replaced by five buttons horizontally arranged in the logo between the main navigation buttons, as part of the customer service system navigation (picture);
3.3 The mobile phone (and narrow-screen tablet) version were installed on the bottom menu navigation about in June, 2017. Now the English version adds the “C-E” submenu, and the E-C version adds the “English” submenu, and both add E-mail submenu.
3.4 change the form of the original QQ inquiry pop-up dialog box, and the original horizontal image to a vertical image;

4, Home Flash Pictures

On home page, the full-screen image flash program adjustments was installed to the left side of the content section, the title within 2 lines, displaying the date of publication, column name, times of reading; to the mobile version of the small screen, only the flash content of the date and times of readings were displayed;

5, Likes and Comment Button:

5.1 To install article likes the program, all articles are suitable;
5.2 After post content setting, the likes, the red color block (“like” + liked times, or “like” + liked times)
5.3 The list of articles in all pages are designed with the date of publication, the times of readings , the like button, and the comment button. To click on the gray heart icon and likes, the times of likes can be increased, and to click on the comment button or the times of comments, just directly switch to the article comment box;
5.4 The article plugin in the sidebar, with the CSS settings, also can show the publish date, the times of reading, click button, and comment button. The “newest comment” is on the right of the article navigation, and clicking the rightmost button can directly enter the article comment box.

6, The Number of Characters, Lines, Line Spacing and Font Size:

6.1 Set the number of customizable headline characters. At present, all headlines can hold up to 120 characters (60 characters) and can be longer. They can adapt to English and Chinese mixed-length and long English titles.
6.2 It is responsive to the different widths of computer and tablet mobile phone devices, and to limit the number of titles, font size, line spacing, and number of lines in each widget in the widget device, so that all the graphic images of the first page of the widget are displayed regardless of the screen width. This part of the setup is the core part of this update and it takes a lot of time;
6.3 The article plugin in the sidebar is unified with the text display of non-plug-ins through the settings of the overall CSS.

7, System Plug-in Installation:

7.1 Add the latest articles, latest comments, popular articles, tag cloud navigation plugins (system theme function calls) in the right column
7.2 Add the picture wall of “Sophy Latest Translated Poets” in the right column (System theme function call)

8, Appreciate Payment

8.1 Wechat, Alipay two-dimensional code and text combination are set after the content of the article page, and the scan code can be appreciated;
8.2 In addition to the article page, other pages are placed a WeChat, Alipay QR code and text combination before the copyright information at the bottom, which can be appreciated;

9, Advertising and Logo Implantation:

9.1 On Articles (Single-Post) and Single-page (Single-page), it implants Sophy English Forum website’s Keywords, and Baidu search plugin by pure code, to promote the Sophy English Forum website by Baidu search and keywords ( It was previously done, not updated this time);
9.2 Sophy English Forum’s large-scale background image at the top of the website inserted (system function, previously available);
9.3 In the home page, article page, and single page, advertisement images of Sophy English (and poetry translation) and related page contents are inserted;
9.3 An advertisement picture of Sophy English (and poetry translation) are inserted in the sidebar (previously);
9.4 Baidu share and jiathis share, set the default shared Logo thumbnail.
9.5. At the bottom of the website, the original Sophy English image advertisement display method is used to increase Sophy English Forum video recording;
English website:
Chinese-English website:




【苏菲诗歌&国际翻译网 2018-03-30 全球讯】本站主编苏菲Sophy Chen中国广州编辑报道。



1、 分享按钮和工具(Share Buttons and Tools)

1.1 电脑版引入国外ShareThis 分享工具条(内附facebook、twitter、pinterest、googleplus、linkedin等国外常用网络社区按钮及新浪weibo、腾讯weixin国内分享按钮),置左侧贴边(说明:该分享条国内访问有时不显示,也做到了对国内用户一定的隐藏作用);

Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website 苏菲诗歌&amp;翻译网 安装的美国sharethis分享工具条(左侧)

1.2 屏幕为普通电脑1280px宽度以下时,将ShareThis 分享侧边条换成sharethis单分享按钮,置于顶部图片(header image)上(此按钮国内外用户均可使用);

苏菲诗歌翻译网美国sharethis分享单按钮(贴背景图片) Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website

1.3 平板屏幕宽度时,将sharethis单分享按钮移至顶部左侧;

苏菲诗歌翻译网 美国sharethis分享单按钮 Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website

1.4 平板和手机版,将sharethis单分享按钮移至logo和主导航按钮之间;

Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website

苏菲诗歌翻译网 美国sharethis点击分享按钮后弹出窗口 Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website

1.5 整站安装百度分享程序,以便进行文字分享、图片分享和划词分享;顶部在四个follow导航按钮旁放置百度分享单按钮,以便整站手机和电脑分享网页、图片;

苏菲诗歌翻译网 百度分享单按钮,点击后弹出 Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website

1.6 文章页面(single post),文章标题下和内文之后各放置百度分享按钮工具条;

苏菲诗歌翻译网 文章页百度分享按钮条 Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website

1.7 通过主题小工具自定义html代码的形式,增加jiathis分享工具条置于侧边栏(除文章页侧边栏),便于电脑和平板分享首页、栏目页、搜索页和单page。

2、 导航条部分:

2.1主导航条(Main navigation)


2.1.2 纯英文站导航条的英文字体,选择更大气而有个性化的字体;


2.2 顶部右侧导航条


2.1.2 汉英对照站,添加QQ一键联系按钮、英文版、简体、繁体一键切换三按钮(及百度分享单按钮);手机窄屏版时隐藏QQ按钮(示意图如上);


3.1 屏幕宽度<1366px,>960px时,原电脑版右下侧的客服联系菜单按钮条,置换成小的客服联系按钮条,上移到顶部图片右侧(示意图如上);


3.3 手机(及窄屏平板)版在2017年大概6月份安装上了底部菜单导航,现在英文版加了“C-E”分菜单,汉英对照网加了“英文版”分菜单,并分别增加了E-mail分菜单。

3.4 更改原QQ咨询弹出对话框的形式,变原来的横图为竖图;



苏菲诗歌翻译网 首页flash滚动图片效果 Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website



5.1 安装文章点赞程序,全站文章适合;


苏菲诗歌翻译网 文章内页点赞功能展示 Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website

苏菲诗歌翻译网 文章内页点赞后点赞数增加1次效果显示 Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website


5.4 侧边栏中的文章插件,通过整体css的设置,同样具有发表日期、阅览数显示和点赞按钮、评论按钮,其中“最新评论”右侧文章导航,点最右侧按钮可直接进入文章评论框。

苏菲诗歌翻译网 文章发表日期、阅览数显示和点赞按钮、评论按钮 Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website


6.1 设置可自定义标题字符数,目前所有标题最长容纳长达120字符(60个汉字)甚至可更长,适应中英文混排和长纯英文标题;

6.2 自适应电脑、平板手机设备的不同宽度,对各小工具装置(widget)内的段落文字进行标题字数、字号、行距和行数的限制,使首页各段块图文不论屏幕宽度如何均显示完美。这部分设置是本次更新核心部分,花费了大量的时间;

6.3 侧边栏中的文章插件,通过整体css的设置,与非插件的文字显示相统一;


7.1 右侧栏增加最新文章、最新评论、热门文章、标签云的导航插件(系统主题功能调用)(如上图)

7.2 右侧栏增加“苏菲最近翻译的诗人”图片墙(系统主题功能调用)

苏菲诗歌翻译网 首页右侧栏“苏菲最近翻译的诗人”图片墙效果 Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website


8.1 文章页面content后设置了微信、支付宝二维码与文字组合,扫码可赞赏;

8.2 手机版中除文章页以外,其它页面在底部版权信息之前放置了微信、支付宝二维码与文字组合,扫码可赞赏(示意图片看“点赞”部分);


9.1 文章(Single-Post)和单页面(Single-page),用纯代码植入了苏菲英语讲坛网站关键词百度搜索插件,很好地利用百度搜索与关键词关联推广了英语讲坛网站(这是以前做的,非本次更新);

苏菲诗歌翻译网 植入苏菲英语网站百度关键词搜索插件 Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website

9.2 全站顶部苏菲英语讲坛大幅背景图片插入(系统功能,以前就有);


9.3 侧边栏中插入了与侧边等宽的苏菲英语(及诗歌翻译)的广告图片(以前就有);

9.4 百度分享和jiathis分享中,设置了默认分享的Logo缩略图。

9.5 网站底部,沿用原苏菲英语图片广告展示方式,增加苏菲英语讲坛实录视频链接图片;


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