Sophy Poetry Translation C-E: [Shandong] Wang Honglei’s 2 prose poems, Vol.1 Chinese Poets’ Poetry Series, ISSN:2616-2660, ISSN:2616-5058

[Description]:Wang Honglei (pen name, Fleeting Time ), male, was born in July 1969, in Gaoqing, Shandong, China. He is the Deputy Secretary-General of Henan Provincial Prose Poetry Society, deputy editor of “Zhongyuan Prose Poetry” M…

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Sophy Chen Translation C- E Vol.1
Chinese Poets’ Poetry Series (1)
[Shandong] Wang Honglei’s 2 prose poems

《苏菲诗歌&翻译》国际期刊 创刊号
苏菲英译 中国散文诗系列(1)
【山东】王宏雷 散文诗2首

花 径


水 洼


Flower Path

Is this a morning full of flowers, or an afternoon not disturbed by some one? As if every moving moment forgotten in the long memory, just gets together and blooms. If this is true, I would my fate rather rough and bumpy than this path.
Through the flowers, I think the roots that have been suppressed in the soil must be filled with blooming ideas. Every blooming flower is an expression of desire, so enjoyable, so thorough! All the wishes of grassroots are bravely standing on the hillside.
What kind of strength is the tender roots against the solidity of the soil? Just as how the root of thought is wedged into the inferiority of human nature.
I seem to be able to hear the stubborn roots’ breathing which are breaking the ground from the flowery underground. In the end, each root conquered the earth with a curved tolerance and lingering persistence. If the roots died and the mind stopped, the soil is just mud.
Therefore, I dare not indulge in this amazing moment, and I am more worried about the origin of this road, a channel carrying a lust or dream. This road was originally the soul of some other flowers, as well as the bones of thoughts that once extended day and night.
Why is the more humbler, the more you know how to be quiet? Quietly flowering, calmly withered, And helplessly stepped on, even the little butterfly flies over silently.
Let’s have a rain and see if there are any undead grass roots on this road.

Puddles of Water

Ordinary. It is already extravagant to use this adjective with a puddles of water.
Who will care about the existence and disappearance of a puddles of water? Even if it wants to flow, and wants to wind up the waves.
Dragonfly took a bit of water, and flied away without a word of thanks to it. The truck rushed past, with the mud splashing, and it was only able to heal itself silently, and it was difficult to flow back to the heart.
It precipitates, clarifies, and calms. The sky is bright, and puddles of water, shining with dazzling light, makes the dark corners more darker.
It is waiting for death, waiting for the earth to wipe itself as a drop of sparkling tears.
It falls from the sky, and then it is taken back by the sky.
Loneliness. Look at the blue sky and white clouds, look at itself shrinking in a circle, sparkling to dry, and shining to death, until it becomes a star.
Destiny, this topic is too big. In life experience, the sea has been a hard place to return. Have a storm to save itself? No way! Those rivers are too dirty.
It has gone. But just leave this world a layer of dust.

Sophy Chen Translation C-E [Shandong] Wang Honglei’s 2 prose poems▲王宏雷形象 Image of Wang Honglei


About the Author
Wang Honglei (pen name, Fleeting Time ), male, was born in July 1969, in Gaoqing, Shandong, China. He is the Deputy Secretary-General of Henan Provincial Prose Poetry Society, deputy editor of “Zhongyuan Prose Poetry” Magazine, Director of Chinese Prose Poetry Association, member of Chinese Petrochemical Association, and member of Chinese Prose Literature Association. His works are published in newspapers and magazines at home and abroad, he won the Gold Award of the 9th “Writer” Cup of the National Literary and Art, and he wrote a collection of prose poems “Live Like Music”.

Image of Translator Sophy Chen▲苏菲形象照  Image of Sophy Chen

苏菲(Sophy Chen),本名陈丽华,中国当代女诗人、翻译家。出生于陕西汉中略阳县;毕业于西安外国语大学英文学院。美国英语“传奇诗人”。 “苏菲诗歌&翻译网”、“苏菲诗歌&翻译”(英汉双语)国际杂志社、“苏菲国际翻译出版社”创建人。“苏菲英语讲坛”创办者兼主讲人。 1989年,开始汉语诗歌写作、2004年开始英语诗歌写作、2005年开始英汉双语诗歌翻译。 获2012年度“国际最佳翻译家奖”(评选语言英汉双语)。“中国当代诗歌奖”(2013—2014)翻译奖(评选语言英汉双语)。获2018年 PENTASI B 世界精神诗人奖和世界杰出诗人奖(评选语言英语)。 翻译出版英译诗歌集六部:《花动摇》、《藏香》、《生之瞭望》、《异调》、《胴体向前》、《白娘子诗传》。 英语诗歌原创集,“苏菲英语十四行诗”《晚香玉》,仅仅8首诗,电子书在美国亚马逊英语图书网出版。

Translator Sophy Chen
Sophy Chen, her name, Lihua and family name, Chen, born in Lueyang, Hanzhong, Shannxi Provinve, China, is the Chinese contemporary poetess, translator, and American English “Legendary Poet”. She is the founder of “Sophy Poetry & Translation Website”, “Sophy Poetry & Translation” International Magazine and “Sophy International Translation Publishing House” and the founder and leading lecturer of “Sophy English Forum”. She graduated from English Institute of Xian Foreign Studies University in English Literature. She began to write Chinese poetry in 1989 and English poetry in 2004, and she began to translate Chinese Poetry into English poetry and English poetry into Chinese poetry in 2005. She won the annual “International Best Translator” Award 2012(C-E)and the Chinese Contemporary Poetry (2013-2014) Translation Award(C-E). PENTASI B WORLD INSPIRATIONAL POET 2018 and World Featured Poet 2018(E-E). She translated and published six Chinese poetry collections into English, The Flower Swaying (2014) , The Tibetan Incense(2014), The Outlook of Life (2014), The Different Tunes (2014), The Body Forward (2015), and A Poetry Biography for White Snake (2015), etc. Her English original poetry collection, Sophy English Sonnets, Tuberose, only 8 poems, published in Amazon in E-book.


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