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75Nations 631poets 631Poems: Preface & Contents Of Sophy Chen's Translation World Poetry Yearbook 2022 (C-E Bilingual)

A total of 631 poems by 631 poets from 75 nations have been selected for the paper edition of the Sophy Chen’s Translation World Poetry Yearbook 2022(C-E Bilingual). PLS submit 3 poems, each one within 25 lines in English to me.

“Sophy Chen’s Translation World Poetry Yearbook 2021” has been published in 14 countries including USA, UK, DE, FR, IT,...

"Sophy Chen's Translation World Poetry Yearbook 2021" has finally been published simultaneously in 14 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India and China.

The Covers, Contents & Preface of Sophy Chen’s Translation World Poetry Yearbook 2021 (C-E Bilingual)

“Sophy Chen’s Translation World Poetry Yearbook” , Since the call for its contributions was publicly released, we have received contributions from more than 30,000 poets of 150 nations. The book finally has been selected a total of 691 poems of 691 poets from 63 nations.

Poetry Selection Of PENTASI B 2019 China World Poetry Festival & Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards Was Published

In order to meet your expectations, I will first publish the Translation Preface, the Copy Right Page, the Table Of Contents and the List Of Selected Poets. If you need to subscribe, please send your address to the mobile phone massages, Please pay with your alipay.

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