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Sophy Chen, Lihua Chen, born in Lueyang, Hanzhong, Shannxi Province, China, is the Chinese contemporary poet, translator, publisher and world poetry manager. She graduated from English Institute of Xi’an International Studies University in English Literature. She is the founder of Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards, the President of Sophy International Translation Publishing House, Sophy Chen World Poetry Museum, the Chief Editor and Translator of Sophy Chen’s Translation World Poetry Yearbook (C-E Bilingual) , Sophy Poetry & Translation(C-E) World Poetry Paper Magazine, and Sophy Poetry & World Translation Website. Sophy Chen is Admin Of PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry, a Member of the Translators Association of China, and a Member of the World Nations Writers Union, Kazakhstan. Sophy Chen is appointed as a Honorary Membership of PABLO NERUDA ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE and Jury Of “Il Parnaso - Angelo La Vecchia Award” of Italy. SOPHY CHEN is appointed as AMBASSADOR TO CHINA by THE ACADEMIC SENATE, ACADEMY OF ARTS AND PHILOSOPHICAL SUAENCES of LUCIUS ANNAEUS SENECA.…More About Sophy Chen

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