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GALAMSHAR ADEBIETI - GLOBAL LITERA (Romanian罗马尼亚语) Galamshar Adebieti - Global Literature  Cover & Back Cover(English英语) 《加拉马沙尔·阿德巴特–全球文学》 封面封底 (Chinese 汉语)

Poems Of Some Chinese Poets Published In The Journal Of The World Nations Writers Union (Sophy Chen: Chief Editor...

The Journal GALAMSHAR ADEBIETI - GLOBAL LITERA/Galamshar Adebieti - Global Literature of the World Nations Writers Union, made a remarkable contribution to the globalization of Chinese poetry. Sophy Chen: Chief Editor of Chinese Literature.

Sophy Translation Theories: 苏菲对中国汉语十四行诗的一点看法 Sophy Chen's Viewpoint on Chinese Fourteen Lines Poems

中国有不少诗人热衷于写汉语十四行诗。但是这些诗不能被称作SONNETS十四行诗,充其量就叫做汉语“十四行诗”,翻译成英语最确切的说应该叫做:14Lines Poems。

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