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Sophy International Translation Publishing House

Introduction Of Sophy International Translation Publishing House ( Requirements For Pulishing Manuscript )

全网投稿指南 Poems Contributions 苏菲主编《苏菲译·世界诗歌年鉴》(汉英对照) 常年征稿 Call For Poems Of Sophy Chen’s Translation Of “World Poetry Yearbook” (C-E Bilingual) all years 汉英对照纸质版,苏菲翻译/主编/出版 每年一卷,苏菲国际翻译出版社,次年出版 限没有被翻译成英语的原创新诗、格律诗、俳句 新诗1首不超过25行;古体诗词4-8句左右; 俳句3-9句 投稿微信:sophypoetry3 (或已加微信) Please submit 1 masterpiece of...

Sophy Translation C-E: [Guangdong] Lihuang's 3 Poems, Chinese Poet's Poetry Series, [Chinese Poets] "Sophy Poetry & Translation" (C-E) Magazine...

Sophy World Poetry Translation Paper Magazine Vol.1 [Chinese Poets] -Chinese Poets' Poetry Series: Li Huang, was born 1970s, in Longhui, hunan province. He has edited "Shenzhen Poet" for many years and he is the vice chairman …

Sophy Translation Theories: 苏菲对中国汉语十四行诗的一点看法 Sophy Chen's Viewpoint on Chinese Fourteen Lines Poems

中国有不少诗人热衷于写汉语十四行诗。但是这些诗不能被称作SONNETS十四行诗,充其量就叫做汉语“十四行诗”,翻译成英语最确切的说应该叫做:14Lines Poems。

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