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Chinese Poet And Translator Sophy Chen's LOGO Registered And Designed In China

Chinese Poet And Translator Sophy Chen’s LOGO Registered And Designed In China ISSN:2616-2660

In May 2019, SOPHY CHEN, the pen name of the international poet, will officially speak for the poet herself, the Chinese poets and the world poets in the name of the poet, and became a real poet brand. It will further enhance Sophy Chen's global branding. At present, the logo has been designed. Its designer, Chinese poet Dazang Chen.

E-book of "Sophy Poetry & Translation", the First Issue of International Poetry Magazine Published in USA English Amazon. ISSN:2616-5058

These are the e-books screenshots and purchase links of “Sophy Poetry & Translation” and Sophy English Sonnets “Tuberose”. My dear readers and poet friends if you want to buy the e-books you can go directly to Amazon.
Image of Translator Sophy Chen

ISSN:2616-2660 (Sophy Poetry & Translation. Print )

ISSN:2616-2660(Print) "Sophy Poetry & Translation" International Journal .ISSN:2616-2660 (纸质期刊号码)《苏菲诗歌&翻译》(英汉双语)国际期刊

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