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“Sophy Chen’s Translation World Poetry Yearbook 2021” has been published in 14 countries including USA, UK, DE, FR, IT,...

"Sophy Chen's Translation World Poetry Yearbook 2021" has finally been published simultaneously in 14 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India and China.
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Call For Poems Of Sophy Chen's Translation World Poetry Yearbook 2022 (C-E Bilingual)

We are now openly calling contributions from Chinese poets who are influential and accomplished at home and abroad. Details as follows: 1.Poems Requirements: Free verse or modern new poems, metrical poems, and haiku...

PENTASI B 2019 China World Poetry Festival And Sophy Chen World Poetry Award Call For Poems

PENTASI B World Poetry Festival was initiated by DOC. PenPen, Chinese English poet and translator Sophy Chen was authorized to introduce it into China and she will host it as sponsor in China in her own name, and she has independently launched the “Sophy Chen World Poetry Award”

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