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Detailed Column Rules Of Sophy Poetry & Translation E-C World Poetry Paper Magazine (Introduction) 苏菲世界纸刊栏目细则

Sophy Poetry & Translation E-C World Poetry Paper Magazine was founded by Chinese poet and translator Sophy Chen (Lihua Chen) in Hong Kong, China in 2018. It is a global poetry Magazine that focuses on English-Chinese...

Global Poets Speak Highly And Congratulate The Grand Opening Of The World Poetry Translation Magazine Of SOPHY POETRY &...

It is the Best Wishes of the poets and artists from various ethnic groups at home and abroad to Sophy myself, "Sophy Poetry & Translation Website" and the publication of international professional poetry translation magazine "Sophy Poetry & Translation" I’m editing rather than it is only the "Congratulations, Encouragement & Blessing".

Sophy Poetry & Translation E-C Magazine (Volume 1) Cover 3: INTL. PAINTERS & CALLIGRAPHERS, Picture Preview & Column Introduction

Sophy Poetry & Translation (C-E) Magazine (Volume 1) is editing and its columns have been editing and will be finished and now I will show Picture Preview of cover 3, INTERNATIONAL PAINTERS & CALLIGRAPHERS to you and its column introduction

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