Sophy Poetry & Translation C-E World Poetry Paper Magazine Pays Its Respects To Poet Wen Yuanhui By Sophy Chen



Sophy Poetry & Translation C-E World Poetry Paper Magazine
Pays Its Respects To Poet Wen Yuanhui

A Good Teacher, Friend Of Sophy Chen And Sophy Chen Poetry

By Sophy Chen


苏菲诗歌&翻译 英汉世界纸质诗刊社
致哀 诗人温远辉




Image Of Poet Wen Yuanhui
诗人温远辉 遗照



Sophy Poetry & Translation C-E World Poetry Paper Magazine
Pays Its Respects To Poet Wen Yuanhui

A TeacherAnd Friend Of Sophy Chen And Sophy Chen Poetry

By Sophy Chen

[Sophy International Translation Publishing House, Sophy Poetry & Translation C-E World Poetry Paper Magazine And Sophy Poetry & International Translation Website 2019-09-27, Edited And Reported By Sophy Chen, In China]

About Poet Wen Yuanhui

Wen Yuanhui (1963-2019): originally from Puning, Guangdong, China, was born in Hainan Island. He graduated from the Chinese Department Of South China Normal University in 1985 and had worked in South China Normal University, Guangdong Writers Association and Yangcheng Press Media Group co., LTD. Literary creation level 1. He was once the judge of the National Mao Dun Literature Prize and Lu Xun Literature Prize. He published poetry criticism collection Kindness And Sadness, criticism collection Literary Criticism Around Us, and prose collection The Light Of Words. Anthology of poems and essays such as Confused Stars, To Love Such Stubbornly, The Pearl River School Of Poetry. He died at 22:48 on September 20, 2019 in Guangzhou, China at the age of 56.


Recently I’ve been busy translating poetry, so I do not read so many information in WeChat circle, today, when I was resetting my phone and re-loginning my WeChat, I inadvertently saw the eulogy written by poet Shibin in Guangdong Poetry Group and then just know Mr. Wen Yuanhui died. The sudden bad news, very sudden, cannot let me accept, not long ago I just saw him holding Guanyunshan Poetry Prize, and when I aked him some questions, he also answered very quickly, usually I just sent out a minute or two he just answered

Poet Wen Yuanhuin, The First Poet To Praise Sophy Chen’s Study

I remembered that was in 2014, Pan Xiaoxian, a senior journalist of Information Times, and her team interviewed me at my residence in Shixiao, Guangzhou. Then the culture section of the newspaper published a full page, titled “Sophy Chen’s Study”. Interviewed by the newspaper for the first time, I did not think so much, what the reporter asked, I answered what they asked and I also said carelessly, but I did not expect that after the article was published, it was reprinted by more than 150 media in succession. One day, I received a message from Mr.Wen: “ah, Sophy, your study is so nice, when I can come to see it!” How did Mr.Wen know about my study? I didn’t realize it at the time, and then several other poets sent me the information that they had seen Sophy Chen’s study printed on some other newspapers. Then I did a a little search on Beidu. It turned out that a lot of media forwarded it one after another. It was very memorable that Mr.Wen was the first poet who sent a message to encourage me ! At that time, I was trying to translate the poems of Liao Shidie, A Poetry Biography For White Snake. I was so anxious that a piece of blood bubbles appeared on my shoulder blades in order to translate this long poem. How can I invite someone to visit my room! I wished that if one day I had my own house and then specially invited him to see Sophy Chen’s Study, but this wish can not come true!

Poet Wen Yuanhuin, The First Chinese Poet Who Personally Approved And Encouraged Sophy Chen To Translate And Write Poetry

As a poet, friend or teacher, Mr.Wen was the first Chinese poet who encouraged me to translate and write poems. At a poetry activity in Guangzhou Library in 2016, I remembered that everyone found their seats and sat down. I was in the third row. Suddenly, someone in the front row beckoned me to come over. During the activity, we took some time to whisper a few words. He said, “it is good to promote the internationalization of poetry with English teaching, but it is so difficult. You can support a poetry magazine with your translation fee. I said, “does it work?”, “Poetry translation is very difficult,” he said. “it is naturally that poetry should be translated by payment. Why it can’t work?” It was his words that gave me the confidence and determination to run a poetry magazine. To tell you the truth, it makes my heart ache to think of the scene when I talked with Mr.Wen. In this era when poetry is gradually marginalized, no one cares whether you write poems or not, even no one cares whether you translate poems or not. Such words can be heard from the mouth of a poet, which is the dew of god and pie from heaven.

Poet Wen Yuanhuin, Sophy Chen’s Good Poetry Friend And Teacher

Mr.Wen is modest and gentle, and he meticulously takes care of the young poets, no matter in poetry or details of life. I remembered that I met and communicated with him first time was The New Year Poet Party held in front of Guangzhou Library by poet Huang Lihai. During the meeting Huang Lihai came to me happily and said that he would introduce a good friend to me.
We, Mr.Wen, looked at each other and smiled. There were a lot of people in the meeting, so we didn’t have much communication. Unexpectedly, when the meeting was over, Mr.Wen suddenly walked up to me and said, “Sophy, look, they, YangKe, took foreigners to a restaurant nearby. You hurry to go together, so as to translate for everyone ! Have a good communication with foreign poets!” At that time, to communicate with Guangzhou Local Poets is not so long, my enthusiasm is extremely high, then pa pa followed!
Another time is in the Welcome Dinner, of the First Dongdangzi Poetry Awards, when poets were filled with white wine, to drink together, I was scared, I usually do not drink, especially white wine, to dry a glass of white wine? How to do? Mr.Wen beside me, seeing that I was at a loss what to do, took a small cup to me, also chose a very small one, poured it out for me and showed me how to do it: “look, hold the glass up, and you can just take a sip, like this !” It was very strange, I did not feel nervous, everybody bottoms up, I also bottoms up, and I still said in smile: make yourself at home ! make yourself at home !

Poet Wen Yuanhui, just like his poems, gives young poets, love and compassion as much as a lake. It must be heaven’s pity for the earth that gives birth to such a poet, such a friend and such a good teacher! He is as blue as the water, the same color as the sky !

On earth it must be God who takes pity
To make such a lake with drawn tears
In the lake, its water is so salty
On earth than all the tears
The water is such blue as the sky
Exactly the same colors
— The Lake of Heaven by Wen Yuanhui


——Sophy Chen

2019-09-27  Gunagzhou, China





悼  文


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诗人温远辉, 第一个赞美苏菲书房的诗人







——《天上的湖》 温远辉

——苏菲(Sophy Chen)

2019-09-27 中国广州




[广东] 温远辉








[Guangdong] Wen Yuanhui

The Lake of Heaven

On earth it must be God who takes pity
To make such a lake with drawn tears
In the lake, its water is so salty
On earth than all the tears
The water is such blue as the sky
Exactly the same colors

This is the most merciful lake oh. The sky shows mercy
So it is the closet to the sky
Clouds can touch her by hands
As touching a child
Its waves is soft as a piece of silks and satins
As doing up a child’s hair, let the bud mustered
Hair pouring and stretching around
Prayer flag is blowing in the wind. How quiet oh
Low to the dust of the creeping sound of prayer oh
To the sky it will be able to spread

I kowtow in my whole life to see you, from the lower earth
To polar plateau I came to see you. The West Sea’s vastness,
The lake of heaven. Oh you’re the Holy Grail of the earth
Filled with such a green deep mercy
I come to you, just gently close my eyes
My pain is empty, the dust is also empty

Oh heart, is full of clear emptiness
Just a drop of tear is clear in mercy
Just a lake, rises everyone’s mind
Up to the blue sky

The Qinghai Lake, the Lake of heaven
Nobody can take you away, oh
Can take you away from the sky, also can take oh
Away your net your green
Take away your golden garland
But only oh, someone can take away your mercy
A drop of tear’s mercy, vast mercy
God’s mercy

(Translated by Sophy Chen)



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