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The Sophy Chen's Translation World Poetry Yearbook 2021 is a landmark in the history of International Poetry from Sappho...

Sophy Chen's World Poetry Yearbook 2021 sets new standards in Poetry as both Homer and Sappho did in classical times. Her inspiration sets a new landmark with translations from 691 poets. She employs new ways of presenting poetry to the world.

Sophy Translation Theories: 苏菲对中国汉语十四行诗的一点看法 Sophy Chen's Viewpoint on Chinese Fourteen Lines Poems

中国有不少诗人热衷于写汉语十四行诗。但是这些诗不能被称作SONNETS十四行诗,充其量就叫做汉语“十四行诗”,翻译成英语最确切的说应该叫做:14Lines Poems。

"Sophy's English Sonnets" and "Shakespeare's English Sonnets" Iambic Pentameter Comparative Analysis Report (2.1-2.4)- Sophy Chen's Copyright

Sophy’s English Sonnets and Shakespeare’s English Sonnets’ Iambic Pentameter Comparative Analysis Report(2.1—2.4)(will be continued)BY SOPHY CHEN From China. Sophy Chen's Copyright!

"Sophy's English Sonnets" and "Shakespeare's English Sonnets" Video Competition And Comparative Analysis Report of them(1.1-1.2) - Sophy Chen's Copyright

“Sophy’s English Sonnets” and “Shakespeare’s English Sonnets” Video Competition And Comparative Analysis Report of “Sophy’s English Sonnets” and “Shakespeare’s English Sonnets”(1.1-1.2) (will be continued) BY SOPHY CHEN

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