Sophy Chen's First E-C Original Poetry Collection A Wizened Rose has been published in 16 nations

全网投稿指南 Poems Contributions   世界诗人诗歌集(双语对照)翻译出版 全球征稿 Notice to Contributors of Poetry Collection Series of Sophy Chen World Poetry Translation Library (Bilingual) 欢迎全世界诗人来稿! Poets’ Works Are Welcome From All Over...

Sophy Chen Original Poetry E-C: I'm Full of Poetry (To DOC Penpen's Birthday) By Sophy Chen

Tomorrow, November 18, 2018-18, is the birthday of Philippine poet Doc. Pen pen. Poets all over the world have written poems for their congratulations and I, as a Chinese poet, will show him a poem written before

Sophy Original E-C Poetry: The Great Dancer 《不朽的舞者》苏菲原创英汉双语诗歌

It’s never too late to do what you love, So I think I can still write poems in my 77, And I can still translate poems in my 103. Sophy Chen, China

Sophy Original English Poetry Selected in a Poetry Collection With 56 Nation's Poetesses , Fifty-six Female Voices

Sophy's English original poetry, Faced with Terrorism, Poetry is Nothing's Nothing, is Selected in a Poetry Collection, Fifty-six Female Voices with 56 Nation’ s Poetesses. This book is edited by the famous Italian poet, Fabrizio Frosini.

Sophy Original English Poetry (Sophy original English Sonnet) E-C: Tuberose 苏菲英汉对照十四行诗《晚香玉》

Sophy original English Sonnet: Tuberose - As I was young my mom planted some flowers In front of our old wooden house in springs In my memory they were peony, China rose… But what I loved the most was the tuberose

Sophy Original English poetry (Sophy original English Haiku) E-C: A Wizened Rose 苏菲英汉对照三俳句《枯萎的玫瑰》

Sophy original English Haiku, A Wizened Rose By Sophy Chen On my desk, a white […]

Sophy original Poetry E-C: In These Three Days, I Don’t Want to Do Anything(English Chinese Korean)

Sophy original Poetry E-C: In These Three Days, I Don’t Want to Do Anything --- Wh […]

Sophy Original Poetry E-C: Faced with Terrorism, Poetry Is Nothings’ Nothing (For 'POETRY AGAINST TERROR')

Sophy original English Poetry; [China] Sophy Chen, Faced with Terrorism, Poetry Is Nothings' Nothing - After being online for 24 hours, searching all of the search engines, Trying all of the key words, in all the entangled web of the internet…

Sophy Original Poetry E-C: In These Three Days, I Don’t Want to Do Anything

When a person cannot be found, you’ll find how wonderful the past life together was By Sophy Chen In these three days, I don’t want to do anything

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