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The 10th Poet's Poetry Collection C-E: Translation Launching of The Elegy Of The Lyre by Dazang Chen Translated by...

Because Of A Poem — Translation Foreword Of Sophy Chen To Dazang Chen’s Poetry Collection The Elegy Of The Lyre. Sophy International Translation Publishing House Jointly Published by 14 Countries. Poetry Collection C-E Translated By Sophy Chen

[Video] Chinese Poet Dazang Chen (13 poems) Won 2019 Pentasi B World Inspirational Award & 2019 Pentasi B World...

Poet DAZANG CHEN from CHINA, is accepting the PENTASI B SPECIAL CITATION (AWARDS) 2019 PENTASI B WORLD FEATURED POET AWARD from PHILIPPINES, Awarded by Poet Doc PenPen (2019-11-23 Xi’an Hotel, Xi’an, China)

Sophy Poetry Translation C-E: [China]Dazang Chen, Love Is the World’s Land and Water

Sophy Poetry Translation E-C: The Award-winning Poem of the First DCC CUP Global Chinese Language Poetry Contest Of Poetry Monthly Magazine ('DCC杯'全球华文大奖赛获奖作品,苏菲英译)

The Chief Poet Dazang Chen -Website Poets Of Sophy Poetry & Translation Website

The Website Poet of “Sophy Poetry & Translation Website”: in every one or two years, Sophy Chen will independently select and specially invite a poet as the Website Poet of “Sophy Poetry & Translation Website”.

Sophy Poetry Translation C-E: [China] Dazang Chen, A Maiden’s Last Dream (14 lines)

Chinese Poets' Poetry Series,[China] Dazang Chen, A Maiden’s Last Dream (14 lines) - Your only dream, the most delicate flower bud In the garden, was firstly picked by a person as a Prince and hurriedly praised Your tenderness above all proudly faded

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