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The Chinese Poets Sophy Chen, Dazang Chen & Eyes' Taste Are Awarded By 2019 “Il Parnaso – Angelo La...

Italy World Poetry Awards. All of Chinese poets were given chances to get the honour, The competition 2020 will start at September. Sophy Chen from China will be its jury continue.
Sophy Chen C-E Translation I FOUND YOUR BEAUTY IN THE TASTE OF YOUR EYES By Poet Chen Hui (EYE'S TASTE) From Hunan China Was Published

Sophy Collection Translation C-E, I FOUND YOUR BEAUTY IN THE TASTE OF YOUR EYES By Poet Chen Hui (Eye's...

The Poetry Collection Translated, Edited And Published By Sophy Chen, was officially released in the NEW BOOK LAUNCHING AND CHINESE & FOREIGN POETRY SEMINAR OF PENTASI B 2019 CHINA WORLD POETRY FESTIVAL. It is published by Sophy International Translation Publishing House. The Author is Poet Chen Hui (EYE'S TASTE) From Hunan, China.
眼睛的味道形象照 Image of Eye's Taste

Sophy Poetry Translation C-E: [Hunan] Eyes' Taste 6 Poems, Chinese Poets' Poetry Series-Sophy Poetry & Translation C-E World Paper...

Sophy World Poetry Translation Paper Magazine Vol.2 [Poets Column] -Chinese Poets' Poetry Series: Eyes' Taste, his birthplace, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province, China …

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