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Sophy Original Poetry C-E, It Turns Out That The Moon Is Hidden By The Cold Cliff, Sophy Chen's Hometown...

Sophy Original Poetry C-E, Poetry Preface:My hometown, called Xingzhou in ancient time, near the Jialing River, is located in Lueyang, Hanzhong, Shaanxi, China. People don’t know which dynasty Sanchazi has been called. All my hometown story is here.

Sophy Original Poetry C-E: Buckwheat Flowers Blooming 苏菲汉英对照原创诗歌《荞麦花开》

Sophy Original Poetry C-E: The autumn sky is clean and air is crisp. Looking upward, In a bay of overwhelming terraces, Butterflies are one after another, buckwheat flowers flourishing, And swarms of bees humming among the flowers...

[Video][Sophy Reading Poems For You] Sonnet 18 An Unknown Flower by Sophy Chen

Sophy will read poems for you with poets from all over of the world in English and Chinese, or multiple languages!You will see the poets reading their own poems!You will listen the most beautiful poetry at present, and the voices of poets of all races and languages!

"Sophy's English Sonnets" and "Shakespeare's English Sonnets" Iambic Pentameter Comparative Analysis Report (2.1-2.4)- Sophy Chen's Copyright

Sophy’s English Sonnets and Shakespeare’s English Sonnets’ Iambic Pentameter Comparative Analysis Report(2.1—2.4)(will be continued)BY SOPHY CHEN From China. Sophy Chen's Copyright!

"Sophy's English Sonnets" and "Shakespeare's English Sonnets" Video Competition And Comparative Analysis Report of them(1.1-1.2) - Sophy Chen's Copyright

“Sophy’s English Sonnets” and “Shakespeare’s English Sonnets” Video Competition And Comparative Analysis Report of “Sophy’s English Sonnets” and “Shakespeare’s English Sonnets”(1.1-1.2) (will be continued) BY SOPHY CHEN

Sophy Original English Poetry Selected in a Poetry Collection With 56 Nation's Poetesses , Fifty-six Female Voices

Sophy's English original poetry, Faced with Terrorism, Poetry is Nothing's Nothing, is Selected in a Poetry Collection, Fifty-six Female Voices with 56 Nation’ s Poetesses. This book is edited by the famous Italian poet, Fabrizio Frosini.

Sophy Original English Poetry (Sophy Origina English Haiku) E-C: Serenade 苏菲汉英对照三俳句《小夜曲》

Haiku Serenade by Sophy Chen: Awakened by a cicada on the window lattice. I can not image the sun is in the top of skies. The birds on branches are still singing songs of last night

Sophy Original English Poetry (Sophy original English Sonnet) E-C: Tuberose 苏菲英汉对照十四行诗《晚香玉》

Sophy original English Sonnet: Tuberose - As I was young my mom planted some flowers In front of our old wooden house in springs In my memory they were peony, China rose… But what I loved the most was the tuberose

Sophy Original English Sonnet 4, We Met on a Cross Road 苏菲英语十四行诗之四

Sophy original English Sonnet 4: I've searched you on web by all your key words Thousands of times I failed with great sadness By accident you appeared in my dream Last night...

Sophy Original English poetry (Sophy original English Haiku) E-C: A Wizened Rose 苏菲英汉对照三俳句《枯萎的玫瑰》

Sophy original English Haiku, A Wizened Rose By Sophy Chen On my desk, a white […]

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