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Chinese Poet Yang Ke

Poet Yang Ke is a prominent representative of the “folk writing” movement in China and witness to many vital moments of Chinese poetry in the past thirty years. Since 1985, Yang Ke has published eleven collections of poems

The Chief Poet Dazang Chen -Website Poets Of Sophy Poetry & Translation Website

The Website Poet of “Sophy Poetry & Translation Website”: in every one or two years, Sophy Chen will independently select and specially invite a poet as the Website Poet of “Sophy Poetry & Translation Website”.

Sophy Poetry Translation E-C: Paul Amrod, USA Crusader in Black (Tr. Sophy Chen)

Erecting the exodus of irreproachable refugees will be for the status quo an inexplicable parody. Ironically collecting extremists the advocates contest their choice of mercenaries they viciously embody...
Sophy Translation E-C: Butterflies by [USA] Ronald James Chapman [美国]罗纳德•詹姆斯•查普曼

Sophy Poetry Translation E-C: [USA]Ronald James Chapman, Butterflies, International Poets' Poetry Series

Sophy Poetry Translation E-C: [USA] Ronald James Chapman - Butterflies The bushes sail like small colors. Small, small princesses calmly lead a clear blue path. All fields pull colorful wings.

Sophy Poetry Translation E-C: [Bangladesh] Sayeed Abubakar, A Strange Boy, International Poets' Poetry Series

Sophy Poetry Translation E-C, International Poets' Poetry Series (Sophy Poetry & Translation Website Reported Firstly) An innocent boy leaving the lap of mother opened his fearful eyes in the war-trodden world

Sophy Poetry Translation C-E: [China] Dazang Chen, A Maiden’s Last Dream (14 lines)

Chinese Poets' Poetry Series,[China] Dazang Chen, A Maiden’s Last Dream (14 lines) - Your only dream, the most delicate flower bud In the garden, was firstly picked by a person as a Prince and hurriedly praised Your tenderness above all proudly faded

Sophy Poetry & Translation Website - From the Small Minority to the Public, over the Mountains of International Excellent...

"Sophy Poetry & Translation Website" is not Sophy Chen's personal website, but it is a useful attempt to unit national and international best...

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