Sophy Chen World Poetry Museum: Notice For Donation Of Books / Artworks 苏菲世界诗歌博物馆接受图书/艺术品捐赠通知


PENTASI B 2019 China World Poetry Festival And Sophy Chen World Poetry Award苏菲世界诗歌博物馆常年征集中外诗人诗集/作品集/艺术作品
Sophy World Poetry Museum Collecting Chinese And Foreign Poets Books / Poetry Collections All Years

接受诗歌集/作品集图书参展, 接受艺术作品捐赠永久馆藏;
苏菲微信:sophypoetry3, sophypoetry2 (投稿/捐赠)




—Notice For Donation Of Books / Artworks

苏菲世界诗歌博物馆 简介


Sophy Chen World Poetry Museum 苏菲世界诗歌博物馆

Sophy Chen World Poetry Museum is named by the contemporary Chinese poet and translator Sophy Chen in her pen name Sophy Chen and established in response to Poetry Collections/Works Exhibitions of Chinese and Foreign Poets of Pentasi B 2019 China World Poetry Festival & Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards. It mainly collects, displays and studies original poetry collections, poet manuscripts, poet prose/fiction collections, poet reviews, poetry calligraphy and other creative works by poets from all over the world. It will build a high cross-border exchange and communication platform for world-renowned poets, Chinese and foreign writers, calligraphers, artists and their various art works.

The purpose of Sophy Chen World Poetry Museum is to create a strong personal international brand for poets, writers and artists and to enhance their global cultural awareness by Sophy Chen’s borderless global social media, global cultural media resources, and all-round and continuous online platform communications.

Sophy Chen World Poetry Museum yearly accepts donations of works and artworks from global poets, as well as sponsorship and funding for world poetry activities. For the donated collections of poetry, collections and art works, the museum will organize donation ceremonies from time to time, hold special works release conferences, recitations, seminars, exhibitions, and appreciation meetings etc. by English-Chinese bilingual works reading, live works performance, online display, live broadcast, and recording etc., to conduct bilingual global news reports, photo reports, and video reports on poems, literature, artistic works and original authors, and issue certificates of honor for collections in English and Chinese.

In addition, Sophy Chen World Poetry Museum directly participates in the World Poetry Festivals of various countries and languages represented by Sophy Chen as well as Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards initiated by her. Special awards will be awarded to sponsors and donors and presented on the spot. This will further give the original authors participating in their donation and their poetry, literary and artistic works an extraordinary space of higher intensity and more direct global exposure, work dissemination and brand promotion.


1. Notice For Donation Of Books/Artworks:

1.1 Donation Categories:

1). Poet’s Art Works: Original poetry collections, poet’s original manuscripts, poet’s prose/fiction collections, poet’s reviews, poetry calligraphy and other creative works of poets.
2). Non-Poet’s Art Works: works of commentaries, essays, novels, plays, music, calligraphy, fine arts, embroidery, sculptures, handicrafts, etc.

1.2 Donation Precautions:

1) Please write the bio of the writer within 150 words and the bio of the poetry collection, book or artworks within 150 words (if you donate more poetry collections,books or artworks, please write bio for them one by one within 150 words)
2) For artworks not English, their authors are requested to translate the title of the works, the name of the authors, and the nationalities of publication, and attach a brief English introduction of the artist within 150 words and an English introduction of the artwork within 150 words. We do not give translation of books/artworks information in languages not Chinese or English.
3) The author is asked to indicate his real name, ID/passport number, and address (country name + province / state name + county and city name + town name + street name + house number + recipient + phone number). This is for mailing books, and activities records to government.
4) Please provide 3 frames of exquisite color image photos of the author (One of the photos, the author needs to take his photo with his donated books, works, and artworks together, which will be used as a permanent donation certificate and online display. Photos need to be photographed by professional cameras and professional photographers, the shooting angle above waistline, we refuse to accept the author’s small pixels and blurry image photos taken by mobile phones) (resolution higher than 300dpi; pixels above 3000).
5) Please compress all the author’s information into a compressed file and send it to
Wechat Mainland Of China: 478674384,or sophypoetry3;
E-mail Outside Of China:

2. Books/Artworks Promotion Activities

Donation ceremony; thematic works release conference, poetry recitation, works seminar, calligraphy and painting exhibition, art works appreciation meeting, etc.; Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards…

2.1 On-site Activities: E-C bilingual, Activities Flexible Arrangement

2.1.1. Donation Ceremony: Settings: Name List:

1) Donation Ceremony: xxxx World Poetry Festival & Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards.
2) Donation Ceremony: Sophy Chen World Poetry Award + (Multinational Cooperation Project) Poetry Collections/Works/Artworks.
3) Donation Ceremony: Sophy Chen World Poetry Museum, collect Mr. xxx (Ms.) Poetry Books/Paintings and Calligraphy/Artsworks.
4) Donation Ceremony: Sophy Chen World Poetry Museum, collect Painting Works and Art Works of xxx Painting Institute or xxx Calligraphy Institute. Certificate Issuance Form:

1) Electronic Certificate ((Electronic signature and seal, sent remotely by e-mail, donors can save or print))
2) On-site Issuance Of Paper Certificates: on-site donation ceremony activities

2.1.2. Thematic Work Conference, Poetry Recitation, Work Seminar, Calligraphy And Painting Exhibition, Art Works Appreciation Meeting, etc.

Activity Settings:
1) Such activities can be held separately by the Sophy Chen World Poetry Museum from time to time, or jointly held at the “xxxx World Poetry Festival & Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards” ceremony, with flexible time and activity methods;
2) If the event needs sponse the costs are fully sponsored by the donor, the museum will fully undertake and prepare related conference affairs;
3) The list of guests to be invited and the proportion of invited guests are determined by the donor and the museum through consultation (the invitation letter is publicly issued by the museum);

2.1.3. Sponsors And Donors of xxx World Poetry Festival & Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards

Awards Setting: According to the following poetry activities, the awards are flexibly arranged and the awards are set flexibly.
1) For those who exclusively sponsor the World Poetry Festival or large-scale poetry activities, will be awarded the “Global Poetry Charity Ambassador Awards” (tentative name) and will be awarded at the “xxxxx World Poetry Festival & Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards (with the cooperation with Philippines, India, Italy, Turkey, Canada and other countries)” ceremony at the same time ( the sponsors will be invited to participate in the whole event);
2) To those who donate personal original paintings and calligraphy, embroidery, sculptures, hand-made artworks, etc., will be awarded the “Global Poetry Art Ambassador Awards” (tentative name) and will be awarded, at the “xxx World Poetry Festival & Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards (with the cooperation with Philippines, India, Italy, Turkey, Canada and other countries)” ceremony at the same time ( the sponsors will be invited to participate in the whole event);

2.2 Network Promotion Activities (E-C bilingual, text, pictures, video reports)

 2.2.1.Sophy ChenRelated International Media:

1) Sophy World Poetry Museum official website E-C  (making)
2) Sophypoetry & International Translation Website E-E
3) Sophypoetry & International Translation Website E-C
4) SophyChen World Poetry Awards official website E-E
5) Sophy Works website E-C    (making)
6) Sophy Poetry Translation Service Number
7) Sophy Poetry & Translation Public Number
8) Sina Weibo: Sophy-苏菲
9) Facebook:
10) Twitter: Sophy Chen
11) YouTube: Sophy Chen
12) Whatsapp: Sophy Chen

2.2.2.Internet Communication Methods

1) News Reports (as below)
2) Online Advertising: multiple online platforms of Sophy Chen can uniformly produce advertising banners for sponsors and donor’s brands and works. The size, specifications and advertising spaces can be flexibly set for strong communication.
3) Soft articles: personal introduction of sponsors and donors, sponsors and donors related brands and works (products), etc.;
4) Webpage topics: Regarding the actual sponsorship and donation situation of sponsors and donors, a topical page can be opened up on relevant websites for comprehensive reports; the webpage can be kept permanently, and the links articles can be searched permanently.

3. International Media Reports (including traditional media and online media)

3.1 .International Media Report Form:

1) Poetry collection/ works/artworks + news report (E-C bilingual)
2) Poetry collection /works/artworks + author’s bio + news report (E-C bilingual)
3) Poetry collection /works/artworks + video news report (E-C bilingual)
4) Poetry collection /works/artwork s+ author’s bio + video news report (E-C bilingual)
5) Poetry collection /works/artworks+video news+text reports (English-Chinese bilingual)
6) Poetry collection /works/artworks + author’s bio+ video news + text report (E-C bilingual)

3.2. Non-Chinese Media Reports (non-Chinese news media is increasing, Italy, Philippines, India, Canada, etc., generally it can only be reported when we cooperate with related poetry projects in the country)
3.3 Reports By Domestic Authoritative Mass Media And Professional Media

1. Domestic authoritative mass media:can be selected for reporting;
2. Domestic authoritative professional media:many professional media can customize reports;

4. Books Or Art Works Mail Deadline: Long-term (please inform us in advance before mailing)

Wechat Mainland Of China:478674384 , or sophypoetry3
E-mail Outside Of China:

Mail Address: Please be sure mail address with Facebook or Wechat , Thank you!
To: Chen Lihua


Sophy Poetry & Translation (C-E) World Poetry Paper Magazine
Sophy International Translation Publishing House
PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry


Books & Art Works Exhibition & Donation Ceremony of World Poets —2019 Pentasi B China World Poetry Festival & Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards


【视频 Video】2019世界诗人图书展/艺术品捐赠仪式30分钟现场视频剪辑
[Video] 30 Minutes Live Video of 2019 Books & Art Works Exhibition & Donation Ceremony of World Poets



苏菲世界诗歌博物馆 简介

—Notice For Donation Of Books/Artworks


苏菲世界诗歌博物馆是中国当代诗人、翻译家苏菲(Sophy Chen)以自己的的笔名命名,应Pentasi B 2019中国世界诗歌节&苏菲世界诗歌奖的中外诗人诗集/作品展而设立。主要收藏、展示、研究来自全世界诗人的原创诗歌集、诗人手稿、散文/小说集、评论集、诗人书画及其它诗人创意作品,为全球知名诗人,中外文学家、书画家、艺术家及他们的各类艺术作品搭建的一个全球诗歌与艺术跨国界交流的高端平台。






1.1 捐赠类别:

1) 诗人艺术作品:原创诗歌集、诗人原创手稿、诗人散文/小说集、诗人评论集、诗人书画及其它诗人创意作品
2) 非诗人艺术作品:评论集、散文集、小说、戏剧、音乐、书法、美术、刺绣、雕刻、手工艺等作品;

1.2 捐赠注意事项:

1) 请提供150字以内的作家简介和150字以内的诗集/作品/艺术品简介(多部作品的请分别提供)。
2) 非英语和汉语语种的艺术品请作者自行翻译作品名称、作者姓名、出版国籍、并附上150字以内的艺术家英语简介和150以内的艺术品英语简介。我们不提供非汉语或非英语语种的图书/艺术品信息翻译。
3) 请作者注明真实姓名、身份证/护照号码、收信地址(国名+省份/州名+县市名+乡镇名+街道名+门牌号+收件人+电话)用于邮寄书籍,活动备案等。
4) 请提供作者精美的彩色形象照片3帧(其中一张作者和所捐赠书籍、作品、艺术品的合影,将作为永久性捐赠凭证并作日后展示之用。拍摄角度腰围以上,专业摄像机,专业摄影师拍摄,本馆拒绝接纳手机随意拍摄的像素小,模糊不清的作家形象照)(分辨率高于300dpi; 像素3000以上)。
5) 请将作者所有资料压缩成压缩文件发送至:





2.1 现场活动:英汉双语,活动灵活安排

2.1.1 捐赠仪式:


1) xxxx世界诗歌节&苏菲世界诗歌奖 中外诗人诗集/作品/艺术品捐赠仪式
2) 苏菲世界诗歌奖+(多国合作项目)诗集/作品/艺术品 捐赠仪式
3) 苏菲世界诗歌博物馆 收藏xxx先生(女士)诗歌书籍/书画作品/艺术品 捐赠仪式
4) 苏菲世界诗歌博物馆 收藏xxx书画院/xxx协会 书画作品/艺术品 捐赠仪式


1) 电子证书 (电子签印章,以电子邮件远程发出,捐赠者可以存盘或打印)
2) 现场签发纸质证书:捐赠仪式活动现场发放

2.2.2 专题作品发布会、诗歌朗诵会、作品研讨会、书画展览会、艺术作品鉴赏会等

1) 此类活动可由苏菲世界诗歌博物馆不定期单独举办,也可在 “xxxx世界诗歌节&苏菲世界诗歌奖”颁奖典礼联合举办,时间、活动方式灵活;
2) 如涉及活动费用的由捐助方全额赞助,本馆全力承办并准备相关会务;
3) 拟邀约嘉宾人员名单,邀请嘉宾比例,由捐助方和本馆协商决定,并各自邀约(邀请函由本馆公开签发);

2.2.3 “xxx世界诗歌节&苏菲世界诗歌奖”对于赞助者、捐赠者的奖项

1) 对独家赞助世界诗歌节或大型诗歌活动活动经费的,颁发“全球诗歌公益大使奖”(暂定名),在“xxxxx世界诗歌节&苏菲世界诗歌奖(与菲律宾、印度、意大利、土耳其、加拿大等国合作)”颁奖盛典同期颁出(邀请赞助者全程参与活动);
2) 对捐赠个人原创书画、刺绣、雕刻、手工艺术品等的,颁发“全球诗歌艺术大使奖”(暂定名),在“xxx世界诗歌节&苏菲世界诗歌奖(与菲律宾或印度、意大利、土耳其、加拿大等国合作)”颁奖盛典同期颁出(邀请捐赠者全程参与活动);


2.2 网络推广活动(英汉双语,文字、图片、视频报道)

2.2.1 苏菲相关国际媒体:

1)苏菲世界诗歌博物馆 官网(英-汉)制作中)
4)苏菲世界诗歌奖 官网(英-英)试运行)
6)苏菲诗歌翻译 服务号
7)苏菲诗歌&翻译 公众号
10)Twitter: Sophy Chen
11)YouTube:Sophy Chen
12)Whatsapp: Sophy Chen

2.2.2 网络传播手段



3. 国际媒体报道(包括传统媒体与网络媒体)


3.1 国际媒体报道形式:



3.2 非中国媒体报道(非中国新闻媒体不断增加中,意大利、菲律宾、印度、加拿大等,一般只在和该国有关联诗歌项目合作时才能报道)


3.3 国内的权威大众媒体和专业媒体报道

3.3.1 国内权威大众媒体:
3.3.2  国内权威专业媒体:经济、财经、文化、创意等,众多专业媒体均可定制报道。


4. 图书/艺术品 邮寄联系方式


中国大陆微信: 478674384 或 sophypoetry3



Pentasi B 世界诗歌联谊会




Sophy Chen World Poetry Museum: Notice For Donation Of Books / ArtworksImage of Translator Sophy Chen苏菲形象

About Sophy Chen
Sophy Chen, her name, Lihua and family name, Chen, born in Lueyang, Hanzhong, Shannxi Province, China, is the Chinese contemporary poet, translator, publisher and poetry manager.
She graduated from English Institute of Xi’an International Studies University in English Literature. She is the founder of Sophy Chen World Poetry Award, the President of Sophy International Translation Publishing House, Sophy Chen World Poetry Museum, the Chief Editor of Sophy Poetry & Translation(C-E) World Poetry Paper Magazine, and Sophy Poetry & World Translation Website. Sophy Chen is Admin Of PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry, a Member of the Translators Association of China, a Member of the World Nations Writers Union, Kazakhstan, and its Chairman’s Chinese Literaturre & Translation Consultant. Sophy Chen is appointed as a Honorary Membership of PABLO NERUDA ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE in 2019 and Jury Of “Il Parnaso – Angelo La Vecchia Award” of Italy.
She began to write Chinese poetry in 1989 and English poetry in 2004, and translate Chinese Poetry into English poetry and English poetry into Chinese poetry in 2005.
In 2012 she won the annual International Best Translator Award issued by IPTRC. In the same year, she received the Legendary Poet Award from the famous international English poetry website ( In 2014 she won the Chinese Contemporary Poetry Translation Award (2013-2014). In 2018 she won Pentasi B World Featured Poet and Pentasi B World Inspirational Poet; the International Icon of Literature of Mewadev Laurel Award in India; In 2019 she won Neruda Award of Italy; the Wrangal’s Golden Peacock Award, Pentasi B Pentasian Award, Pentasi B World Poet Laureate Award and Pentasi B World Golden Voice Poetry 2019 and 2019 “Il Parnaso – Angelo La Vecchia Award” of Italy.
She translated and published seven collections of Chinese poems into English: The Flower Swaying (2014) by Zhao Xingzhong; Tibetan Incense (2014) by ZiYing; The Outlook of Life (2014) by Yang Ruopeng; Different Tunes (2014) by Greensleeves; The Body Forward (2015) by the painter TanJun, A Poetry Biography for White Snake by Liao Shidie and I Find Your Beauty In The Taste Of Your Eyes by Chen Hui (Taste’s Eyes) (2019)
She published an English poetry collection, Sophy English Sonnets, Tuberose (2018). She translated, edited and published Poetry Selection Of PENTASI B 2019 China World Poetry Festival & Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards (2019) and Sophy Poetry & Translation (C-E) World Poetry Paper Magazine. The Complete Poems Collection Of PENTASI B 2019 China World Poetry Festival & Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards(Volume 1-2)are editting.
Sophy Chen is the Host-Organizer & Sponsor of CHINA WORLD POETREE FESTIVAL 2019, PENTASI B World Fellowship, main land of China, 2019. She has successfully organized, sponsored and held PENTASI B 2019 China World Poetry Festival & Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards in China.

苏菲(Sophy Chen),本名陈丽华,中国当代诗人、翻译家、出版人、诗歌活动策划人。生于陕西汉中略阳;毕业于西安外国语大学英文学院。“苏菲国际翻译出版社”社长、“苏菲世界诗歌奖”创始人、《苏菲诗歌&翻译》(英汉)纸质世界诗刊主编、“苏菲世界诗歌博物馆”馆长、“苏菲诗歌&世界翻译网”主编。PENTASI B 世界诗歌联谊会行政管理、中国翻译协会会员、卡萨克斯坦“世界各民族作家联盟”会员、“世界各民族作家联盟”主席中国文学顾问,中国文学翻译顾问、意大利“聂鲁达文学协会”名誉会员。意大利“帕那苏斯诗歌奖”评审委员会成员。
2012年,苏菲荣获IPTRC颁发的2012年度 “国际最佳翻译家奖”、 同年,荣获著名国际英语诗歌网(传奇诗人奖。2014年荣获中国当代诗歌翻译奖(2013-2014年)。2018年,苏菲荣获Pentasi B 世界杰出诗人奖、Pentasi B 世界精神诗人奖;印度米瓦德威•桂冠奖——2018 “国际文学偶像”奖。2019年,苏菲荣获意大利聂鲁达奖;印度朗格尔金孔雀奖;Pentasi B 2019年度奖;Pentasi B世界桂冠诗人奖;PENTASI B 2019 世界金色之声诗歌奖;意大利 2019 帕那苏斯诗歌奖荣誉评审员。
苏菲出版英语诗歌原创集,“苏菲英语十四行诗”《晚香玉》(2018)。翻译编辑出版诗歌合集《PENTASI B 中国世界诗歌节&苏菲世界诗歌奖诗选》(2019)。主编主译 《苏菲诗歌&翻译》(英汉)纸质世界诗刊。主编主译《PENTASI B 2019中国世界诗歌节&苏菲世界诗歌奖诗全集(上下册)》 编辑出版中。
苏菲是PENTASI B 2019中国世界诗歌节&苏菲世界诗歌奖主办方、组织人和赞助人。苏菲成功组织、赞助、主办了PENTASI B 2019中国世界诗歌节& 苏菲世界诗歌奖。



苏菲主编《苏菲译·世界诗歌年鉴》(汉英对照) 常年征稿
Call For Poems Of Sophy Chen’s Translation Of “World Poetry Yearbook” (C-E Bilingual) all years

新诗1首不超过25行;古体诗词4-8句左右; 俳句3-9句
投稿微信:sophypoetry3 (或已加微信)

Please submit 1 masterpiece of free verse in English within 25 lines
or haiku in English within 3-9 sentences.
Submission Method: Sophy Chen’s facebook
or email:

Notice to Contributors of Poetry Collection Series of Sophy Chen World Poetry Translation Library (Bilingual)世界诗人诗歌集(英汉对照)全球常年征稿
Notice to Contributors of World Poets' Poetry Collection Series of Sophy Chen World Poetry Translation Library (Bilingual)
联系微信: sophypoetry3,478674384

Sophy Poetry & Translation纸刊《苏菲诗歌&翻译》(英汉双语)世界诗刊 常年征稿
"Sophy Poetry & Translation" (E-C) Magazine Needs Poems All Years
联系微信: sophypoetry3,478674384
a good poem or more poems, bio in 100words, send to


sophychen logo - ©Translated by Sophy Chen©Translated by Sophy Chen
翻译版权所有 侵权必究




sophychen logo - ©Translated by Sophy Chen©Translated by Sophy Chen
翻译版权所有 侵权必究





Copyright Statement

1. Works translated by Sophy Chen, whether it is English-Chinese translation or Chinese-English translation, the copyright of the translated text belongs to the translator Sophy Chen. Without the written permission of Sophy Chen, the translated text may not be altered, re-translated or translated into other languages.
2.The translated works whose target language is Chinese or English (the translator's name is removed) are not allowed to be published on the Internet, published in domestic and foreign publications or awarded as the original works or translated works of the author. If the translated works are not accompanied by the translator's name or without the original language or target language or conceal the translator's name, you will be treated as infringement of translation copyright and will be notified online and investigated for legal liability.
3.No translated works or translated publication maybe reproduced,co-edited or reproduced without the written permission of the publisher, author or translator.
4. The copyright of the original works belong to the original author. Without the written permission of the original author, no individual may alter or copy the works. Without the written permission of the original author and the original publisher, no other publishing institution may usurp or reprint the original publication.

[ 法律顾问:李刚 Legal Counsel : Ligang ]



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