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Global Poets Speak Highly And Congratulate The Grand Opening Of The World Poetry Translation Magazine Of SOPHY POETRY &...

It is the Best Wishes of the poets and artists from various ethnic groups at home and abroad to Sophy myself, "Sophy Poetry & Translation Website" and the publication of international professional poetry translation magazine "Sophy Poetry & Translation" I’m editing rather than it is only the "Congratulations, Encouragement & Blessing".

Come On, We Need Your Likes, "Sophy Poetry & Translation Websites" Fully Updated!

"Sophy Poetry & Translation Websites" are designed and produced by poet Dazang. From the beginning of March 2018, the English website and the Chinese-English website have been systematically and comprehensively optimized. The homepage is more concise and more international.

The International Logo Contest of "Sophy poetry & International Translation"

"Sophy Poetry & Translation Website" has had a considerable influence in Chinese poetry circles, translation circles and international poet circles, and its brand value is growing. its founder, Sophy Chen/Lihua Chen, launched the Logo Contest of “Sophy poetry & International Translation”.

The Chief Poet Dazang Chen -Website Poets Of Sophy Poetry & Translation Website

The Website Poet of “Sophy Poetry & Translation Website”: in every one or two years, Sophy Chen will independently select and specially invite a poet as the Website Poet of “Sophy Poetry & Translation Website”.

Columns of Sophy Poetry & Translation Website

Important Columns of “Sophy Poetry & Translation Website”

Sophy Poetry Translation E-C: [Bangladesh] Sayeed Abubakar, A Strange Boy, International Poets' Poetry Series

Sophy Poetry Translation E-C, International Poets' Poetry Series (Sophy Poetry & Translation Website Reported Firstly) An innocent boy leaving the lap of mother opened his fearful eyes in the war-trodden world

Sophy Poetry & Translation Website - From the Small Minority to the Public, over the Mountains of International Excellent...

"Sophy Poetry & Translation Website" is not Sophy Chen's personal website, but it is a useful attempt to unit national and international best...

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