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苏菲主编《苏菲译·世界诗歌年鉴》(汉英对照) 常年征稿
Call For Poems Of Sophy Chen’s Translation Of “World Poetry Yearbook” (C-E Bilingual) all years

新诗1首不超过25行;古体诗词4-8句左右; 俳句3-9句
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Please submit 1 masterpiece of free verse in English within 25 lines
or haiku in English within 3-9 sentences.
Submission Method: Sophy Chen’s facebook
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Notice to Contributors of Poetry Collection Series of Sophy Chen World Poetry Translation Library (Bilingual)世界诗人诗歌集(英汉对照)全球常年征稿
Notice to Contributors of World Poets' Poetry Collection Series of Sophy Chen World Poetry Translation Library (Bilingual)
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Sophy Poetry Translation C-E:[Guangdong] Zi Wu 1 group of Poems, Chinese Poets’ Poetry Series, Vol.1 [Poets Column]. ISSN:2616-2660, ISSN:2616-5058





Sophy Poetry Translation C-E:[Guangdong] Zi Wu 1 group of Poems, Chinese Poets’ Poetry Series, Vol.1 [Poets Column]. ISSN:2616-2660, ISSN:2616-5058


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“Sophy Poetry & Translation” (E-C) 
 International Magazine
Vol.1 [Poets Column]
Chinese Poets’ Poetry Series (1)

[Guangdong] Zi Wu 1 group of Poems

创刊号 [诗人专栏]
苏菲英译 中国诗人系列(1)

[广东] 子午 组诗1首


新世纪的第一场雪 (组诗)













3、雪 豹





注:① 柳宗元《江雪》诗有“独钓寒江雪”句。
② 引自山西民歌《绣荷包》。


The First Snow of the New Century (a Group of Poems)

1.The Snow’s Present Continuous Tense

Only the great readers exist,
The possibility of great poems are created

A snow covers all the ideas and daydreams about the snow
My god, this snow is cold and forbearing, which makes people unprepared
It’s great to cover up all the greatness, so it attracts
a group of solemn snow thinkers as statues, and even

A row of scattered hoof prints. Before it snowed Dante seemed to hear
Beyat Ritchie’s affectionate call. In the snow Liu Zongyuan
Unexpectedly meets an old man who is fishing alone①
A great nation, only half a day from a snow

The snow is still falling…it has nothing to do with
the subject of a snow. A wolf is very excited in the artistic conception of snow
Its voice is far rougher and sexy than a hungry hunter
“Beauty—” is crying out at the top of her lungs in the knee-deep snow

The poet burst into tears. Heaven and earth are caught
in a layer of white dream. An unworldly little crow
Is moved by a bit black color that is left by himself
The first snow of the new century ignited the long-lost desire of the snow blindness people


2.The Snow Town’s Pouch Bag

The wolves’ warm crying, embroidered the first touch of dawn color to the snow village
This is a temperate northwest mountainous area
“From the first day to the fifth day, the fifth day’s moon is higher
The spring breeze blows willows oh willows shoots”②

A spring snow in before Christ is vast and solemn
The frozen Wood Road Along Cliffs, is connected with the ancient battlefield without visiting,
A war that stopped the close fighting
How to evolve into and dissolve into the famous snow storm

In the history of the Hexi Corridor. The disappeared ruts, valley wind
And the details that make people worried are repeatedly omitted from history books
Among the mountains, and above the snow town, a three-color pouch bag
Makes the snow, and history—broken a quarter of an hour


3. Snow Leopard

The snow is falling… the injured snow leopard is strong and male
He has been commanded, all the prominent families in this area
Now he has been slowly getting old, and even his roar
Also sounds like a bit pale, without the glory of his mature period

On northward cliff, an old, wounded snow leopard
Is a forgotten landscape
He still stands tall in the snow
How many bones of his fellows remained on this hoarse river bank

The snow of the new century is falling in northwest mountains
Which is the glory of an era. Snow leopard is almost extinct many years ago
Arty travelers, with a pile of smudged snow
Piled up in front of the camp: a handsome young snow leopard


Note: 1 In Liu Zongyuan’s poem “ Snow and River”, there is a sentence “Fishing Alone In Snow On A River”.
2 Quoted from the Shanxi folk song “Embroidery Pouch Bag”



Sophy Poetry Translation C-E:[Guangdong] Zi Wu 1 group of Poems, Chinese Poets’ Poetry Series, Vol.1 [Poets Column]. ISSN:2616-2660, ISSN:2616-5058▲子午形象照  Image of Zi Wu


About the author
Zi Wu, male, original name Xu Yanliang, pen name Ni Nan or Xuan Bird, is a famous cultural scholar, writer, poet and literary critic. He is a member of Chinese Writers’ Association, Chinese Filmmakers’ Association, and Chinese Playwrights’ Association, as well as art advisor of the multilingual The World Poets Quarterly and member of the organizing committee “The Long March of Chinese Poetry” and the main founder and poetry theory spokesperson of Chinese Extensive Narrative Poetry School. His published works include poetry collections such as The White Horse and The Four Seasons of the Sea, collections of poetry criticism such as Smile, The Theory of Extensive Narrative Poets and An Overview of 100 Years of Chinese New Poetry: From Different Perspectives, an aesthetics monograph entitled A Survey of Poetry Aesthetics, a collection of criticism on plays and films entitled Wide Sky Over Autumn Water, a collection of literary criticism entitled The Sentiments of Hills & Rills and the Spirit of Chinese Culture, a Sinology monograph entitled Treasure-house of Myriads of Concepts: The Broad Scientific Resources and Cultural System of “The Book of Changes”, a culture monograph entitled Traditional Culture Interpreted in Scientific Decoding, etc., and he has edited Selected Poems of Contemporary Schools of Chinese Poets (in collaboration with scholars from five countries including China, England, Canada, Mongolia, and Japan) and the collection of Chinese Extensive Narrative Poetry and so on. His works have been included into many domestic and overseas anthologies, such as Selected Poems of Ten Contemporary Chinese Poets and he has ever won over one hundred prizes. Some of his works have been translated into English, German, Russian, Japanese and Korean. More than 2.28 million people have read his poems in Chinese Writers Website. He has participated in many domestic and international academic meetings as a speaker, and has been invited by many universities, including Tsinghua University, to give a lecture. The poetry theory and the series of concepts he put forward and explained has a great influence in the poetry world.



Sophy Poetry Translation C-E:[Guangdong] Zi Wu 1 group of Poems, Chinese Poets’ Poetry Series, Vol.1 [Poets Column]. ISSN:2616-2660, ISSN:2616-5058▲ 翻译家苏菲形象照  Image of Translator Sophy Chen


苏菲(Sophy Chen),本名陈丽华,中国当代女诗人、翻译家。出生于陕西汉中略阳县;毕业于西安外国语大学英文学院。美国英语“传奇诗人”。 “苏菲诗歌&翻译网”、“苏菲诗歌&翻译”(英汉双语)国际杂志社、“苏菲国际翻译出版社”创建人。“苏菲英语讲坛”创办者兼主讲人。 1989年,开始汉语诗歌写作、2004年开始英语诗歌写作、2005年开始英汉双语诗歌翻译。 获2012年度“国际最佳翻译家奖”(评选语言英汉双语)。“中国当代诗歌奖”(2013—2014)翻译奖(评选语言英汉双语)。获2018年 PENTASI B 世界精神诗人奖和世界杰出诗人奖(评选语言英语)。 翻译出版英译诗歌集六部:《花动摇》、《藏香》、《生之瞭望》、《异调》、《胴体向前》、《白娘子诗传》。 英语诗歌原创集,“苏菲英语十四行诗”《晚香玉》,仅仅8首诗,电子书在美国亚马逊英语图书网出版。

Translator Sophy Chen
Sophy Chen, her name, Lihua and family name, Chen, born in Lueyang, Hanzhong, Shannxi Provinve, China, is the Chinese contemporary poetess, translator, and American English “Legendary Poet”. She is the founder of “Sophy Poetry & Translation Website”, “Sophy Poetry & Translation” International Magazine and “Sophy International Translation Publishing House” and the founder and leading lecturer of “Sophy English Forum”. She graduated from English Institute of Xi’an Foreign Studies University in English Literature. She began to write Chinese poetry in 1989 and English poetry in 2004, and she began to translate Chinese Poetry into English poetry and English poetry into Chinese poetry in 2005. She won the annual “International Best Translator” Award 2012(C-E)and the Chinese Contemporary Poetry (2013-2014) Translation Award(C-E). PENTASI B WORLD INSPIRATIONAL POET 2018 and World Featured Poet 2018(E-E). She translated and published six Chinese poetry collections into English, The Flower Swaying (2014) , The Tibetan Incense(2014), The Outlook of Life (2014), The Different Tunes (2014), The Body Forward (2015), and A Poetry Biography for White Snake (2015), etc. Her English original poetry collection, Sophy English Sonnets, Tuberose, only 8 poems, published in Amazon in E-book.


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